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Tasting of direct-pressed tomato juice Premium BY TM VKUSSO

Final score: 9.81

Tasting date: 09/01/2019

Tasting Conditions: The committee consists of 5 people with experience in the industry from 8 to 17 years. The assessment is made on a 10-point scale

Form of serving: an independent dish.

Direct-pressed tomato juice
Products of theVKUSSO
Ingredientstomato juice, food salt.
Net weight
PackagingTwist off glass jar
Shelf life12 months

Premium taste and benefits of direct pressing

Partners know and appreciate GUSTUS for its consistently high quality, for its loyalty, and above all for its ability to meet contractual obligations accurately and on time. Russian customer chooses on daily basis an honest and affordable product of the GUSTUS Corporation».

VKUSSO TM is one of the trademarks represented by the GUSTUS Corporation on the Russian market.“VKUSSO” is a natural juice of direct pressing supplied in glass bottles. The product range currently includes apple, tomato and orange juices. Production is located directly in the growing regions of raw materials, and manufacturing and packaging technology allows maximum preservation of all the useful properties. Premium direct-pressed tomato juice produced by Vkusso is made from natural raw materials in accordance with GOST and pleases with the unique taste and aroma of fresh tomatoes.

Visual Appearance: 9.78

The product is a homogeneous liquid with evenly distributed finely ground tomato pulp. The color of the juice is a consistent red with a very slight orange hue. There is no flaking of the liquid, particles of crushed seeds and stratification, which indicates the high quality of raw materials used and careful compliance with the manufacturing technology. Visual appearance of the product fully meets the requirements of GOST.

Smell: 9.82

The smell is bright, enveloping, expressive. The entire palette of shades of sun-ripened tomato reveals itself softly and gradually. The freshness of the tomato taste is delicately emphasized with salt. All experts noted the absolute naturalness of the fragrance as an undeniable advantage.

Taste: 9.84

Characteristic natural flavor, with pronounced natural sweetness of tomato balanced by delicate acidity and shaded by light nuances of salt. The aftertaste is short, soft and enveloping. All experts without exception noted the richness and naturalness of the taste.


Every detail of the product design emphasizes the natural origin of the juice: the white background of the label seems to say that the product is “clean as a white sheet” and does not contain anything superfluous.

The main focus is on the image of a ripe tomato, and nothing should distract from it. It is the approach that promises the same pure taste of juice. The branded glass bottle not only allows you to review the product before buying, but also ensures its safety and is an additional protection against counterfeiting.