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Direct-pressed tomato juice

Weight / Volume1000.00 ml
Individual packagingTwist off glass bottle
Group packaging6 pcs with shrink wrap
Shelf life36 months.
StandardGOST 32876-2014

Direct-pressed tomato juice BY TM VKUSSO contains trace elements: iron, iodine, cobalt, manganese, boron, copper, fluorine, chromium, rubidium, nickel, molybdenum, zinc, selenium, vitamins C, A, H, PP, E, B, organic acids: citric, malic, oxalic, tartaric, amber, lysine, sugars and other substances necessary for health. Moreover, during heat treatment, its value practically does not decrease. One of the benefits of tomato juice is its ability to have an antioxidant effect on the body, slowing the aging process. It’s provides by lycopene ingredient At the same time, when heated, the amount of lycopene only increases. It’s forbidden to drink tomato juice with pancreatitis, cholecystitis, peptic ulcer disease. Gastritis and gout are also contraindications to use. But the benefits of tomato juice BY TM VKUSSO for people who care about their health is undeniable.