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Marinaded sliced beetrood by TM GUSTUS

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Tasting date: 01/01/1970

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Marinaded beetroot, sliced
Products of theGUSTUS
IngredientsFresh cucumbers, drinking water, sugar, table salt, acidity regulator acetic acid, dill (seeds or herbs), mustard seeds and other spices and seasonings.
Net weight3000 g
PackagingTwist off glass jar
Shelf life2 years
GOSTR 52477-2005

New – Marinaded beetroot

The assortment line of pickled vegetables of GUSTUS TM has been replenished with a bright novelty in the literal and figurative sense – “Pickled sliced beetroot”. This native Russian product is a real gift for both lovers of traditional cuisine and gourmets and supporters of a healthy lifestyle.

Beetroot has been known to mankind for almost 4 thousand years. There is still no complete clarity as to where this vegetable was first cultivated, but most researchers are inclined to believe that the birthplace of the beet is the land between the Euphrates and the Tigris. From there it came to the Phoenicians and through their active movements came to the ancient Greeks and spread throughout the Mediterranean. This vegetable came to Russia from the Byzantine Empire and very quickly took an honorable place in the diet of our ancestors.

It is interesting that at all times and among different peoples, beetroot was considered an exclusively medicinal product. Hippocrates himself recognized it as useful and included it in medical nutrition for various diseases. Many other ancient thinkers, such as the famous Avicenna, also wrote about the benefits of this vegetable. However, modern researchers also agree with them. In their opinion, beets are an excellent source of phosphorus, copper, vitamin C, as well as folic acid, which actively contributes to the creation of new cells.

Pickled sliced beetroot TM GUSTUS is a product made from high-quality Russian raw materials using traditional technology, which allows you to save the maximum amount of useful substances. Sliced beets TM GUSTUS can be served as a separate dish and as a supplement to salads, viennigrette or as an ingredient of the borsch.

Magazine “Gastronomy. Grocery”, leading specialist:

Without borsch, lunch is not lunch, and without beetroot, there is no borsch. There is a Russian proverb, and there are many of our compatriots who believe the same. And for them, sliced Marinaded beetroot by TM GUSTUS is a great choice. However, this beetroot is suitable not only for a single borscht. This high-quality traditional product is a great independent snack. You just have to open the jar – and that’s it, enjoy. And if you turn on your imagination and put a little effort into it, you can prepare many traditional dishes, as well as very unusual and exquisite ones, based on this product. It is highly recommend combining with soft cheeses, pears, or pine nuts.


Natalia Guseva


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