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Marinaded beetroot, sliced

Weight / Volume480.00 g
Individual packagingTwist off glass jar
Group packagingIn shrink wrap 8 pcs.
Shelf life24 months
StandardGOST R 52477-2005

The sliced beet TM GUSTUS is an original Russian product, an excellent source of phosphorus, copper, and vitamin C. Beets are used as a general tonic that improves the metabolism and the digestive process. it contains a lot of folic acid, which actively promotes the creation of new cells. And its consumption creates a rejuvenating effect for the body. Regular consumption of beets prevents premature aging. At the same time, beets are not very suitable for those who suffer from stomach diseases, as well as people with high acidity. Sliced beets TM GUSTUS can be served as a separate dish and as a supplement to salads, viennigrette or as an ingredient of the borsch.