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Direct-pressed apple juice Premium BY TM VKUSSO

Final score: 9.83

Tasting date: 12/08/2019

Tasting Conditions: The committee consists of 5 people with experience in the industry from 8 to 17 years. The assessment is made on a 10-point scale.

Form of serving: an independent dish.

Direct-pressed apple juice Premium BY TM VKUSSO
Products of theVKUSSO
IngredientsApple juice
Net weight1 l.
Packagingst / b twist off
Shelf life12 months

From the manufacturer

VKUSSO TM is one of the trademarks represented by the GUSTUS Corporation on the Russian market. The VKUSSO’s line of premium direct-pressed juices is made from vegetables and fruits collected by Russian farms. The line currently includes apple, tomato and orange juices. They are produced locally in the regions of the original product grows, and the only cold direct-pressed technology is used for the juice making process. Preservation is carried out by pasteurization or sterilization with the maximum preservation of all taste and useful qualities. Ready-made juices are bottled only in glass bottles.

VKUSSO apple juice is made from fresh apples. To achieve optimal sweetness, we use a blend of green and red varieties. And there’s nothing in our bottle but direct-pressed juice. But the drink itself has everything that nature has given to an apple: the juice has a lot of vitamins C, E, PP, H. In addition, it contains trace elements such as magnesium, zinc, iodine, iron, potassium and copper. Despite all the mentioned wealthy, our juice has fully natural composition and has a very low caloric content – it does not exceed 40 Kcal per 100 grams.

Tasting Direct-pressed apple juice Premium BY TM VKUSSO:

Visual Appearance: 9.8

Juice is a homogeneous opaque liquid with evenly distributed finely chopped pulp, in accordance with GOST requirements for direct-pressed juices. The color is natural and homogeneous and fully appropriate for freshly grated apples. Extraneous inclusions are completely absent.

Smell: 9.84

 A strong, yet delicate, fragrance that blends the natural sweetness and freshness of an organic apple in the most authentic way. The smell is well expressed natural tones inherent to the fresh apple, that meets the requirements of GOST and indicates a high quality of the original raw materials.

Taste: 9.86

 All experts pointed as a distinct advantage to the absolute natural and refined taste. All the diversity of the palette of shades of green apple is revealed in it gradually and very gently. Medium sweetness, which is typical for fresh fruit, perfectly combined with natural sourness. The aftertaste is fresh, light, with a delicate trail.


Elegant, appealing to customers with its brevity and recognition, the design embodies the concept of production: “There is nothing superfluous in the design of the product, as well as in the juice itself”. The most appetizing and eye-catching accent is the image of an apple on the label. Juicy and appetizing, it’s signaling as a red traffic light for the buyer, and forces the buyer to stop in front of the product. And make your choice on it.