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Delicious Marinaded Tomatoes

Final score: 9.81

Tasting date: 09/01/2019

Tasting Conditions: The committee consists of 5 people with experience in the industry from 8 to 15 years. The assessment is made on a 10-point scale according to the following criteria: color, smell, taste.

Form of serving: an independent dish.

Marinaded Delicious Tomatoes
Products of theTrioshka
IngredientsFresh Tomatoes (yellow), filtered water, sugar, salt, acidity regulator-acetic acid, dill (seeds or herbs), garlic, allspice, cloves
Net weight3000 g.
PackagingTwist off glass jar
Shelf life2 years
GOSTR 52477-2005

The line under the brand name “By TM TRIOSHKA” includes original marinades and other highly canned vegetables. TM “GUSTUS”, includes positions which quality is proven by the customer and time. Almost all products under this brand are made according to GOST from the best-selected Russian vegetables.

Yellow Delicious Marinaded Tomatoes by TM By TM TRIOSHKA rightfully bear that name – delicatessen. Yellow Tomatoes are less acidic and contain more sugar than red ones, and their taste is richer and more tender. At the same time, they are low in calories, have less acidity and are therefore excellent for dietary nutrition.The fruits of yellow Tomatoes contain a lot of beta-carotene, lycopene and niacin.

For the packaging of its first-class pickled vegetables, the GUSTUS Corporation chose a beautiful and convenient three-liter jar. This allows a family or a friendly company to save money, by purchasing a package with enough quantity for everyone.

Visual Appearance: 9.82

Bright, evenly colored sunny yellow Tomatoes are tightly packed in the jar. All fruits have a plum-shaped shape and are approximately the same size – from 5 to 7.1 cm in diameter on the elongated side. Damaged fruits, as well as Tomatoes with spots and mechanical damage are completely absent. The filling is transparent, colorless with flecks of herbs and garlic cloves, suspended particles of pulp and individual seeds of Tomatoes in the brine is not detected. Visual appearance of the product fully meets the requirements of GOST.

Smell: 9.80

In a bright and at the same time quite subtle aroma, the natural sweetness and very light sourness of Tomatoes are well-balanced. A bouquet of spices and garlic, emphasizes the natural expressiveness of yellow varieties of Tomatoes and the necessary piquancy and expressiveness. 

Taste: 9.82

The characteristic, pronounced taste of Tomatoes is delicately emphasized by an expressive bouquet of spices. Dill and garlic are present in the taste bouquet to a sufficient extent. Optimal amount of salt. In the aftertaste, there is a sense of freshness. Tomatoes are suitable as a light snack to a variety of dishes and drinks of Russian cuisine, and will also be perfectly combined with various types of meat dishes and traditional side dishes, such as potatoes. 


The product in full compliance with the brand name is presented in a branded three-liter jar. With an outwardly simple design, this method of packaging provides an excellent opportunity to see the contents, fullness and quality. The main attention was given to the quality of product and good visibility of content. And that was a definitely right strategy! The label is made of high quality, all the necessary information is present and clearly recognizable.