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Juice drinks

Starting from April 2017 the corporation GUSTUS will offer the customers a new non-alcoholic product LLC “TPK “Yuzhny Product”- the fruit juice drinks by TM YUZHANIYA.

The juice drink is a natural non-carbonated non-alcoholic beverage.

The juice drinks contain a juice concentrate and the specially prepared water.

The juice drinks have become popular in Europe long time ago. They are considered as a worthy substitute to carbonated drinks and lemonades. Nowadays people pay increasing attention to the health-related issues. Alimentary products, such as water and beverages, are vitally important by tackling it.

  The juice drinks contain less sugar and are considered as a low-caloric beverage, safeguarding your figure by consumption. Corporation GUSTUS has already started the receipt of supply requests for the new product. Initial stage of production involves the manufacture of juice drinks of five flavours (apple, apple and grapes, cherry, apricot and peach) in two packages-                 0,2 L TetraPak and 1L TetraPak.

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