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Pickled Cucumbers

CategoryVegetable preservation
Weight / Volume3000.00 ml/g
Individual packagingTwist off glass jar
Group packagingIn shrink wrap 4 pcs.
Shelf life24 months
StandardSTO 83655586-006-2018

Pickled Cucumbers by TM By TM TRESHKA produces by a fermentation process. Lactic acid is formed, which is of great value to the human body. It perfectly cleanses the walls of blood vessels from excess fat. And, like a brush, removes large stocks of cholesterol plaques. Plus, lactic acid bacteria are famous for their ability to prevent the development of many intestinal infections. After the fermentation process ends, the pickles contain huge reserves of vitamins C and B. Pickles raise the appetite, stimulate the intestines, and help with weight control. People with gastrointestinal and kidney diseases should use them with caution. Convenient and attractive packaging of TM TRESHKA will allow you to buy our product immediately for the whole family and at the same time save money.