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Pickled Cucumbers 720

CategoryVegetable preservation
Weight / Volume720.00 ml
Individual packagingTwist off glass jar
Group packagingIn shrink wrap 8 pcs.
Shelf life36 months
StandardTU 10.39.17-023-21040966-2018

The pickles by ТМ GUSTUS are made without the use of a vinegar acid or a citric acid. The first stage of manufacture proceeds in barrels via the natural milk fermentation of pickles. Thereafter the pickles are   packed in cans and preserved. That’s why our dill pickles maintain a huge amount of useful substances. This product provides potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, the vitamins А, В and РР. These components contribute to better functioning of gastro-intestinal tract and the strengthening of immune function.

The dill pickles are particularly rich with sodium. This chemical element is vitally important for those people who practice the physically demanding job or an active sport. Besides, sodium abundantly contains iodine, ferrum and phosphorus. The contents of lactic acid in dill pickles ТМ GUSTUS deserves particular attention. The lactic acid renders a positive impact upon the blood cholesterol level, improves the digestion and the blood pressure.