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Marinaded Cucumbers 0.72l

Weight / Volume720.00 ml/g
Individual packagingTwist off glass jar
Group packagingIn shrink wrap 8 pcs.
Shelf life24 months
StandardGOST R 52477-2005

Marinaded  Cucumbers TM By TM GUSTUS do not contain fat and are low in calories. The benefits of Marinaded  Cucumbers are based on the content of bacteria that do not allow harmful intestinal microbes to develop. Since Marinaded  Cucumbers contain iodine compounds that are easily absorbed by the body, their regular use will prevent the occurrence of diseases of the thyroid gland and blood vessels. During the fermentation period, this type of vegetable produces lactic acid, which has a good effect on the digestive tract. In addition, it will reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood, and improve its circulation. Lactic acid also helps to normalize blood pressure. Such marinades have a lot of fiber in their composition, which has a positive effect on the digestive system as a whole, and also reduces the risk of cancer.