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Marinaded Cayenne pepper

Weight / Volume610.00 ml/g
Individual packagingTwist off glass jar
Group packagingIn shrink wrap 8 pcs.
Shelf life36 months.
StandardSTO 83655589-006-2018

The marinated pod chily pepper by ТМ GUSTUS helps by contending insomnia, for promotion of functioning of liver and heart and for alleviation of several consequences of diabetes mellitus, such as the leg pains. The regular consumption of chily pepper even in marinated form stimulates the output of endorphin, also called the “feel-good chemical”. The endorphin in its turn promotes and emphasizes the immune system, thus ameliorating the blood circulation, reducing the pain senses and increasing the resistance against the stressful situations. Moreover, the marinated pepper contains the beta-carotene, required for the good eyesight. However, it must be responsibly applied by those who suffer the gastrointestinal diseases. The pepperoni marinated pepper by ТМ GUSTUS may be added in soups, the appetisers, in the salads, in the meat and the fish dishes.  Besides, a crispy marinated chily pepper may serve as a separate appetiser on your table.