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Bush pumpkin

Weight / Volume720.00 ml/g
Individual packagingTwist off glass jar
Group packaging In shrink wrap 8 pcs
Shelf life24 months
StandardGOST R 52477-2005

By the preparation of marinated summer squashes ТМ GUSTUS we use the fruits of a small size, as these contain more vitamins and useful properties, thus boasting the best taste of all. The regular consumption of summer squashes equalizes the blood pressure, improves the general conditions by atherosclerosis and oligemia, reduces the cholesterol level and improves the digestive processes. The marinated summer squashes by ТМ GUSTUS are recommended for consumption with the meat dishes in order to improve the protein digestion. However, one may also serve them as a separate dish or as a component of salads or appetisers by the low-calorie diets.