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Сherry tomatoes with sweet pepper TM GUSTUS

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Tasting date: 01/01/1970

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Form of serving: an independent dish.

Marinaded Tomatoes (Cherry, Yellow)
Products of theGUSTUS
Net weight680 g.
PackagingTwist off glass jar
Shelf life2 years
GOSTR 52477-2005

Sunny mood on your table

The Corporation “GUSTUS” expands the product portfolio of its flagship brand and brings to the market cherry Tomatoes with sweet pepper TM GUSTUS.

The perfect taste of these canned foods is ensured by a carefully developed recipe, and constant control at all stages of production, from the purchase of raw materials to packaging. Marinaded cherry Tomatoes with sweet pepper by TM GUSTUS are a product not just for gourmets, but also for people who care about their health. The Combination of Vitamin C concentration and low-calorie content, along with their exquisite taste and attractive appearance, make them a welcome dish on any table.

Magazine “Gastronomy. Grocery”, leading specialist:

– cherry Tomatoes with sweet pepper TM GUSTUS-an example of the talent of the manufacturer to clearly catch trends and please its consumer. First of all, it’s just beautiful. Small Tomatoes per bite of sunny yellow color, combined with splashes of red pepper and greenery, already in a jar, create an attractive still life, as if drawn with a broad stroke of a talented artist. Secondly, the product is really delicious. The delicate natural taste of cherry Tomatoes is perfectly emphasized by the sweetness and freshness of pepper, and a spicy note is added by garlic and a bouquet of herbs. Honestly, I would recommend these Tomatoes to those who appreciate a good feast and know a lot about it. Choose a beautiful dish, serve the Tomatoes and just put them on the table – a wonderful snack is ready. If you’re grilling kebabs, serve Tomatoes as a bright accent. There are many options, and each of them is a sure-fire.


Natalia Guseva


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