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Natural red beans TM GUSTUS

Final score: 9.77

Tasting date: 09/01/2021

Tasting Conditions: The committee consists of 5 people with experience in the industry from 8 to 15 years. The assessment is made on a 10-point scale.

Form of serving: an independent dish.

Natural red beans
Products of theGUSTUS
IngredientsRed beans, drinking water, table salt, sugar
Net weight400 g.
PackagingTin Can
Shelf life3 years
GOSTR 54679-2011

Premium quality at optimal prices

The GUSTUS trademark is used to manufacture high quality products, including a current line of canned beans and other canned fruits and vegetables. Most of the raw materials for TM GUSTUS products are harvested at Russian farms. Imported items are subject to strict phytosanitary control. Ready-made canned food is placed in glass jars of various capacities or in tin cans with a coating of food enamel.

GUSTUS Corporation uses vegetables and fruits grown in Russia in the manufacture of its products. This allows you to track the required level of quality from the purchase of seeds to the release of the finished preservation. As a result, both the price is lower and the quality is higher. The company’s products are positioned in the “medium plus” segment, but at the same time they the quality is premium. 

Visual Appearance: 9.76

Beans of the same type, uniform in size – about 1.5 cm in length and 1 cm in width. All grains have a uniform color characteristic of red beans of medium intensity. Beans that differ in color were not found in the jar. Beans are smooth, soft, not boiled, elastic.

Smell: 9.76

Soft, natural, characteristic bean aroma. All experts confirmed the naturalness of the smell and the absence of extraneous shades, which indicates the high quality of the raw materials used and compliance with the production technology.

Taste: 9.78

The main advantage of taste is absolute naturalness and harmony. The texture of the beans is optimal – the beans are soft and at the same time elastic. Natural taste and optimal consistency make GM “GUSTUS” Beans an excellent side dish, as well as an indispensable ingredient of many dishes – from hearty salads to lobio and pie fillings.


The design is bright, elegant and recognizable. The moderately used gold stamping not only protects the product from counterfeiting, but also adds a premium status and makes it stand out on the shelf. The image on the jar is of high quality, all fonts are well readable. Well-placed accents in the form of highlighted inscriptions “GOST” and “GMO-free” serve as an additional incentive to buy.