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Mixed Marinaded Tomatoes and Cucumbers by TM TRIOSHKA

Final score: 9.83

Tasting date: 17/08/2019

Tasting Conditions: The committee consists of 5 people with experience in the industry from 8 to 17 years. The assessment is made on a 10-point scale according to the following criteria: color, smell, taste.

Form of serving: an independent dish.

Mixed Marinaded Tomatoes and Cucumbers
Products of theTrioshka
IngredientsFresh tomatoes, fresh Cucumbers, drinking water, sugar, salt, dill (herbs), acidity regulator-acetic acid, garlic, allspice (peas)
Net weight3000 g.
PackagingTwist off jar
Shelf life2 years
GOSTR 52477-2005

From the manufacturer

TM “BY TM TRIOSHKA” is a unique offer on the Russian market, a brand that claims to be popular, has three undeniable advantages – a convenient format, a bright design and the highest quality of products. Only the best Russian raw materials are used in the manufacture of products.

Mixed Marinaded Tomatoes and Cucumbers TM “BY TM TRIOSHKA” keep all the useful properties of both vegetables. When you open the jar, you immediately get a complex snack. And the convenient and attractive packaging of ТМ “ТRESHKA” assortment will attract you to get the perfect products for the whole family and at the same time to save money.

Visual Appearance: 9.84

Three-liter jar filled with vegetables under the lid. Cucumbers and Tomatoes form a real colorful still life. All vegetables are wholesome, healthy, clean, not wrinkled, not crumpled, without mechanical damage. The size and configuration of the fruits are homogeneous: Tomatoes are plum-shaped, 3.5 to 5.7 cm in length on the elongated side, Cucumbers are 9 to 10 cm in length. The bright, natural red color of Tomatoes perfectly harmonizes with green Cucumbers. A bouquet of dill, mustard seeds and garlic cloves, present at the bottom of the jar, complete the picture and give the product an appetizing look of high-quality home preservation.

Smell: 9.82

Classy, pleasant, slightly acidic flavor typical of Marinaded this type of vegetables. The smell of vegetables is emphasized by expressive shades of typical Russian spices of home preservation – dill and garlic and mustard seeds. The acetic component is moderate. The aroma fully meets the requirements of GOST for vegetable marinades. 

Taste: 9.82

Vegetable consistency in accordance with GOST: Cucumbers dense, not decomposed, elastic with crunchy flesh; whole tomatoes, not cracked. The expressive flavor has a harmonious balance of the vegetables, garlic, dill and spices. Amount of Salt is moderate. A natural and bright taste of Mixed Marinaded Tomatoes and Cucumbers of TM “By TM TRIOSHKA” makes these vegetables as a great appetizer, and a striking addition to the side dish. Besides, both Tomatoes and Cucumbers can become an indispensable ingredient for a variety of dishes – from rassolnik to salads and sauces


The packaging design clearly expresses the idea of the brand — natural quality products for a large family or company. A Three-liter glass branded jar present assortment and contributes to the safety of the product and serves as additional protection against counterfeiting, as well as provide visibility of the contents. And in the case of this product, it is difficult to imagine the better advertising – an appetizing bright still life of Cucumbers and Tomatoes eloquently speaks for itself.