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Marinaded delicious Tomatoes by TM GUSTUS

Final score: 9.79

Tasting date: 09/01/2019

Tasting Conditions: The committee consists of 5 people with experience in the industry from 8 to 15 years. The assessment is made on a 10-point scale.

Form of serving: an independent dish.

Delicious tomatoes
Products of theGUSTUS
IngredientsFresh Tomatoes (yellow), filtered water, sugar, salt, acidity regulator-acetic acid, dill (seeds or herbs), garlic, allspice, cloves.
Net weight680 g.
PackagingTwist off glass jar
Shelf life2 years
GOSTR 52477-2005


TM “GUSTUS”: a classic that will suit any meal.

GUSTUS Corporation supplies the most demanded high-quality products to the market and offers a high level of service to its partners. Not only product quality management, but also perfectly organized own logistics, impeccable work of management allows to classify this company to the enterprises working according to modern standards. This is confirmed by the absence of complaints from the side of demanding retail.


GUSTUS Corporation uses vegetables and fruits grown in Russia in the manufacture of its products. This allows you to track the required level of quality from the purchase of seeds to the release of the finished preservation.

TM “GUSTUS”, includes positions which quality is proven by the customer and time. Almost all products under this brand are made according to GOST from the best-selected Russian vegetables.

Visual Appearance: 9.82

Tomatoes, uniform in size, configuration and degree of maturity, are tightly placed in a jar with brine. All Tomatoes are plum-shaped. Damaged fruits are completely absent. The size of Tomatoes ranges from 6 to 7.3 cm in diameter on the elongated side. The color of all fruits is sunny yellow, the color is rich, equal over the entire surface of the fruit. All Tomatoes are wholesome, clean, without stains and mechanical damage. The filling is transparent with a sufficient amount of dill, garlic, peas and allspice.

Smell: 9.76

The pleasantly mildly acidic characteristic flavor of Marinaded Tomatoes is well balanced by natural sweetness and light acidity. The bouquet of traditional Russian spices, in which garlic and dill are most distinct, provides the necessary zest and expressiveness to the flavor. 

Taste: 9.78

The product has a strong taste, with the harmoniously balanced components: Tomatoes themselves, garlic, dill and spices. Spices make the product soulful and at the same time delicate taste and a pleasant, fresh, natural aftertaste. Optimal amount of salt. Marinaded delicious Tomatoes of TM “GUSTUS” can serve as a starter or snack with the appropriate drinks, as well as become a part of the side dish that will make a bright note of any meal.


The concept of a bright and juicy design of delicious Tomatoes Marinaded TM “GUSTUS” is a charge of health from ripe vegetables lurking under the lid. The image of yellow Tomatoes on the label wonderfully harmonizes with the product itself, placed in a glass jar. The use of glass allows the consumer to visually assess the quality of the product even before purchase, and serves as an excellent advertisement: the sunny yellow color of Tomatoes serves as the yellow traffic light signal, which just makes you stop and pay attention to this particular product.